These are a ‘fit for purpose’ evaluation of your organisational positioning in regulatory compliance and quality improvement matters. It requires Board level engagement, and on completion we provide you with a balanced, objective and honest assessment of your current status. You will receive a report detailing our key findings, conclusions, recommendations and quick wins. These reviews embrace two key elements:

Firstly, we look at your organisational architecture for addressing the regulatory challenge. We will consider your governance arrangements, including senior level accountabilities, escalation protocols and the scheme of delegation. The robustness of your Board Assurance Framework (BAF) and Corporate Risk Register (CRR) from a regulatory perspective will be assessed, as will the effectiveness of your approach to quality and organisational learning.


Your structures, processes, systems and methodologies for ensuring compliance will be thoroughly evaluated, together with an analysis of organisational competency, capability and capacity in regulatory matters.

Secondly, we will conduct a dip testing or deep dive into your organisation’s various services and disciplines to triangulate what we find operationally against the strategic picture.

This integrated approach ensures a truly holistic evaluation of your organisation that maps policy into practise. The size and scale of these divisional, departmental and service level exercises will reflect the outcome of the initial Board level audit and emerging findings. This is very much about testing whether you ‘walk the talk’ and communicate board to ‘hands on’. The nature and size of the organisation in question, and the scale and scope of the work involved inform the duration and cost of our reviews. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

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