Our various packages are focused on the regulatory compliance and improvement needs of our clients. In addition to the services provided in each of our core consultancy support packages, we can also provide help through our general audit and quality assurance activities. These focus on particular aspects of your service delivery, including specialist areas such as theatre ‘deep dives’, board to ward governance, emergency department (ED), neonatal and mental health.

However, our knowledge, skills, experience and expertise cover all aspects of healthcare regulation. This includes provider registration and enforcement matters, and help with requirement notices and the factual accuracy checking of draft inspection reports.

We can also offer guidance, advice and support with your complaint handling and mediation needs. Our consultancy portfolio also includes the independent investigation of serious incidents and never events, and participation on panels as an independent expert.

Governance, risk management and health and safety are further areas where we can provide support.

Our associate experience in business transformation, service improvement and redesign, and cost efficiency programmes is ideal for organisations looking to meet the commercial challenges of regulation in an increasingly challenging healthcare market. For our NHS clients in particular, help in preparing for your ‘Use of Resources’ assessments is a service we also offer.

Contact us with your enquiry and we can access the right associate support that meets your needs.

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