This package is often commissioned following the completion of a Strategic Level Review. However, where an organisation has either self-determined that it requires more intensive support, or has been independently assessed as requiring such an intervention, we are happy to provide this particular consultancy service as a ‘stand alone’ package.

We use a demanding task and finish RAG rated approach to help you prepare for a positive inspection outcome. This involves Board level engagement to ensure the necessary strategic level organisational ‘buy in’, but places an equitable emphasis on operational management to demonstrate measurable progress against agreed objectives. Our associates provide leadership and direction in a comprehensive programme of work that is designed to incrementally improve your regulatory readiness over an agreed timeframe leading up to inspection.

The CIRP package includes access to our uniquely developed tools and methodologies, which have been designed to accurately mirror regulatory policy, procedure and practise. We provide expert support in the completion of your Provider Information Request (PIR) or other data information submissions. Regulatory training for workforce development purposes and the involvement of key personnel in ‘mock inspection’ activity using the regulator’s actual methodology is a core element of our approach. This increases awareness of regulation, prepares staff for the challenge of an inspection, and provides your services with real life experience of arms length scrutiny. Our approach ensures that you not only have direct access to our specialist knowledge, skills and expertise, but that your workforce is an active participant in the preparations for inspection and sustained improvement.

In our experience, the journey towards inspection readiness embeds organisational learning and helps develop a positive culture around regulatory compliance and ongoing quality improvement.

The nature and size of the organisation in question, and the scale and scope of the work involved inform the duration and cost of our programmes. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

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