Selznick’s (1985) definition of regulation is much cited and provides as good a description as any: “the sustained and focused control exercised by a public agency over activities which are valued by a community”.

The independent scrutiny of healthcare is a form of ‘public interest’ regulation founded in legislation, and is undertaken by a number of agencies across the UK. We pride ourselves at Healthcare Regulation UK of having a thorough understanding of healthcare regulatory law and the various regulations, standards, guidance and methodologies operated by each of the UK regulators. Consequently, we can provide expert help and assistance with any policy, procedural or practise related enquiry concerning regulation. Our business support team constantly reviews developments in regulatory law and evaluates the impact of changes upon the healthcare sector. This ensures that our business offer remains up to date and reflects best practice.


Regulatory Bodies

The following links will take you to the websites of the relevant bodies for England and the devolved nations, and these contain a wealth of information about their respective duties, powers and provider guidance.


Care Quality Commission
NHS Improvement (NHSI)


Care Inspectorate
Healthcare Improvement Scotland


Care Inspectorate Wales
Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Northern Ireland

The Regulation and Quality
Improvement Authority (RQIA)

Republic of Ireland

Health Information & Quality Authority

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